Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Thanks, Donna!

Donna, the woman at the pool who jogs was there today. She told me that my pace is hard to follow 'because of your interval work'. She says she can keep up with me sometimes but sometimes I'm just going too fast... Interval work???? We finally figured out that my strokes follow the beat of whatever music I'm listening to. Some of the music is lively and some is not.

I know I should take better advantage of my swimming. Use more strokes, tighten up my technique, get faster, work towards a goal... But I hate to ruin a good swim. Now i figure I'll just beef up the playlist and call it good!

I normally keep my pool bag in the car and only bring up my wet suit and gloves each day. But, I noticed this week that the bag seems to be taking on a musty odor so I brought it up today to empty it and give it a good airing. Good time to inventory and make sure I'm not packing more than I need.

I'm also doing a couple of loads of laundry. The dryer vent guys were here yesterday to check, clean out the line from the dryer to the outside. They (the home owners association) do this every two years. The guy giggled and juggled my washer/dryer combo around so much, I wanted to check and make sure it's still working perfectly fine. The dryer guys are doing the lower two floors today so if there's a problem, I know where to find them to fix it.

Today's big action is a visit to the vet's. Biggie gets one more vaccine shot. And, that, hopefully, will end vet visits for a long long time.

I don't want to go until about 10. It's around the corner from Popeye's and they don't open til 10:30. My plan is to stop there after and get lunch and dinner there and maybe a snack.

Oh! I was also going to have to stop by the cat food store except Amazon just sent me a text that the cat food order they were going to drop on Monday, is coming today. Thanks, Amazon! I do want to check with the vet on food. All wet? Wet and dry? How much? I have noticed that since I took away the dry, they are no longer drinking as much water as they were.

Oh and other cat news... They have developed the most adorable way to greet the housecleaner. She opens the door (which is maybe 50 feet from the living room) and sings out 'good morning!'. They bolt up and run - top speed together - to greet her. It is just the cutest thing ever. I saw her yesterday after she had finished my cleaning and she reported that they also have a new-ish and growing fascination with the toilet. 'I can hardly squeeze in between them to clean it - they are such helpers.'

This was earlier this morning.

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