Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

nailed it

So. I have a long credenza by the front door. It serves as a boundary for the foyer, a place to put stuff come in and and of the condo and storage. It has a table runner, a small basket (sunglasses, etc) and a lamp.

The cats believe this is a runway as in launch pad. The basket is a no brainer for them to knock off. The table runner has only come all the way off once - mostly it just gets bunched up. But, the lamp - an elcheapo from IKEA - gets knocked off several times a day and the part that supports the bulb pops out and I know, I will not be home and they will knock that onto fabric or curtains or the carpet and start a fire.

I looked for lamps that would work there that I could hang on the wall. I didn't find any that I liked. And then I had a thought...


I nailed the damn thing to the wall! I like it! And... it has not been knocked off since. I feel like I won one.
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