Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

We can all rest easy now...

I decided to hoof it over to China town for cat toys and lunch.

Daiso had FIVE! Stickies. Of course, now they have none.


(They actually had a few pink ones, but I didn't want to chance it with a color change.)

Of course, both boys were waiting by the door when I got home. I did not want Biggie to see what I had or where I hid them... My nice, long, scarf did the trick. I need to remember to go liberate the scarf when he's napping.


Also, great lunch at the Thai food counter. Also, Uwajimaya had Cosmic Crisp which are all the rage right now. I got three. Not too many to carry and enough to get a good idea of what they are like. Supposedly they will only be available for a few weeks.

My Fitbit finally got the update but now the service is slow so I'm letting it rest before I dig in. Plus, I just heard a crash at the other end of the house. Better go see what that was.
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