Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The day I actually did stuff. Outside the house. Like a normal person!

I got into the car to go get the check engine light fixed and... the check engine light wasn't on! So I went to Goodwill. Dumped my donations and bought two bags of stuff. Sigh. Then I went on to Amazon to return my stuff. The check engine light came on! Ok. So returned the goods. (I'm so grateful to have an Amazon return spot so close. I got an email that my account had been refunded before I even got home.)

Then on to the Mercedes place. My guy wasn't there. This always makes me twitchy because John's been my guy for the 8 years I've had the car. If/when he's no longer there, it's going to be the pits. Anyway, I was contemplating my next move when this bay guy - the bay is where you pull in when you need service - pops up and asks to help me. I told him my problem and he said he'd find someone in lieu of John for me.

Then he said 'before I do that... why don't I just pull it around and scan it myself and see what happens. it will only take 5 mins.' Bless him. He came back in 5 mins and showed me the results... the old P303 error. I have seen that buffalo before. It supposedly means a cylinder is not firing but... on a 3 cylinder car if 1 was not firing you wouldn't need an error code to tell you. And it's' running fine. He and agreed that the best bet was to just keep and eye on it and not worry. And tell John next time I have the car in.

I was so grateful. Yeah!

So home again I came. Oh and my Echo Auto wouldn't connect and I tried all my usual tricks and nothing. So in between errands I looked up how to factory reset which I did and it came right back online. Note to self, just do that next time - way faster and easier than all that troubleshooting shit.

Now that the leaves are off The Tree That I Hate, I can enjoy my neighbors' Christmas trees and other decorations. One of them put up paper snow flakes on the windows and they look so nice.

The cats demanded lunch when I got back and now, I can see on the web cam that they are in a little kitty pile back in the sewing room.

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