Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Today brought to you by Check Engine Light

I spent a good bit of my swim conjuring on how best to spend my time out today while the house cleaner cleans. I decided on Goodwill and then Costco and maybe Daiso to stock up on Stickies.

Then I got in the car and all plans changed. The check engine light was on. Just a couple of weeks ago, I got a new diagnostics reader. I plugged it in and it said there were no codes. So no erasing of codes. So I drove home. I plugged the thing back in and did a few scans - still no codes. Nice.

The internets, for once, are totally in agreement on the cause of a no codes check engine light situation... the code scanner is faulty. The good news is that I can return it to Amazon.

So... new agenda. Stop by the Mercedes place to have them check/clear the code. Then on to Amazon to return the OBD tool. Then onto Goodwill to empty out my car of all the donation stuff. Then, maybe, Costco. Maybe that might get postponed. I only need one thing there...

The pool has 3 lanes. When more than 3 people want to swim, the lanes are shared. You take one side and swim up and back on that side. When 7 people want to swim, you have a situation. It does not happen often but the rules of the road/pool are that you circle swim. All swimmers in one lane just swim in a circle so that more people can swim at one time. For some reason I don't really get, everyone hates circle swimming. I don't mind it one bit. It keeps me on my toes and invariably speeds up my own swim time. The tricky part is that you have two people in the lane so you need to get agreement from the other person when it's hard to even get their attention.

Today I was sharing a lane with Donna. Donna runs. She jogs up and down the lane for an hour at a very good clip. And she's the nicest. All the other lanes were full, a new swimmer came in, I was at the far end and Donna was near the new swimmer. I stopped and caught Donna's attention and did a circle with my hand and pointed tot he new girl. Donna got it immediately cause she's cool and she invites the new girl to our lane where we happily circle swim for the last 20 minutes of my swim.

While I was catching my breath and getting ready to get out, the new girl stopped and said "I've never had anyone open up their lane to me for circle swimming! Thank you! you guys are awesome!!" And then off she went.

I love it when pool people are nice and kind and considerate and appreciative.

One of my egg tries exploded in the microwave this morning so I need to get in there and clear out the big pieces before the house cleaner gets here. I'd rather have her spend her time with the other stuff. Plus I don't want dried egg inside my microwave.

My Fitbit update did not come yesterday. They really only said the rollout will begin yesterday so lordknows what that means in terms of my own watch. I spent a lot of time refreshing yesterday, I think I'm going to try and ignore it today.

Biggie strikes a pose...

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