Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


On the one hand assumptions can be a great short cut.

But the old ass out of you and me thing really seems to fit more often than not.

Recipes these days assume that I am religiously devoted to eating healthy foods and that 'taste just like...' is good enough for me.


As a corollary, it is assumed by everyone that I want to live as possible and that I am interested in doing everything in my power to ensure that happens.



When my questions do not mention price, do not assume I that price is a big factor for me in this instance.

When my questions do not mention or allude to privacy or security, do not assume that I fear privacy invasion.

I totally get that I'm asking for special snowflake-ism here but it annoys me.

Rant over.

In the early days, Amazon's customer service was fab. If you questioned them, it generally paid off handsomely. There was a time when if you complained about any little thing, they would slap a free month onto your Prime membership. Those days are apparently over. now they cannot (will not?) even answer a simple 'why did this happen?' question. It's ok. I love them anyway. Mostly I'm just amused.

I started reading two books last night - well, listening. Both library books. I listened to The Gifted School by Bruce Holsinger for about 30 minutes before I decided that I really had no interest in finding out what happened next at all. And I disliked all the characters. Then I started listening to Since We Fell by Dennis Lehane and I was hooked from word one. Fascinating to me how very different the two experiences are. I do not know enough about literary criticism to understand why some books are fascinating to me and others are not. I do know that it's not always good writing and not always good plot and sometimes just a big old attack of serendipity.

Today I'm going to leave the house. I have two quick errands and I'm just going to get them done. Also I have so much stuff for Goodwill that it's going to take two trips with my cart full to even get the stuff into the car. I think I'll do the first load in today.

Yesterday I walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes while listening to my book. I had about 5 minutes of book left but I could do no more treadmill so I sat on the bed and then fell backwards and lay there with the cats nuzzling my ears while I finished it. BAD mistake. It turned out to be about 10 minutes and I could not move when the book was done. There's something to be said for cooling down after all!

I think I may have catnip cats. At least Biggie. All of the cats I've ever had were pretty much immune to catnip but... I bought this toy for Biggie and The Smalls.

It's a cat nip toy. Biggie went nuts. The Smalls liked it, too, but Biggie wanted to have its babies. And now, after three days, the lust is still strong.


And this is what the poor thing looks like now...


I also bought them a bag o' pingpong balls. I could only find one of the originals. Soon we'll be awash in a sea of them.
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