Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

First you have to crack some eggs

There was no one to open the gym this morning... Finally one of the trainers showed up at 5 after and called a guy who called a guy who then texted the combo to the lock box that had the key ... You had to step over a mound of dirty towels to get to the pool. Clearly they are, once again, having personnel issues.

But, the pool wasn't crowded and the swim was great. So, sorry about your problems but thanks for the swim.

I'm tired of breakfast burritos and egg muffins. So now I'm on a kick of poached eggs and toast. But I want the eggs poached in the microwave. And I'm going through a lot of eggs to get it right. The internet is pretty much in agreement that 1 egg takes a minute. But, I want two eggs cooked at the same time. And, apparently, no one has documented that yet. So... I'm trying - with water, without water, water to cover... tight lid, no lid, lid with steam whole - different bowls, different lids. I am getting close. I am going to give it one more go today. I don't want to spend all my eggs.

The Seahawks game is here tomorrow night. The media is already setting up. It will be the usual madhouse. But, at least this time, it will interfere with my plans to an exactly 0 degree.

Today will be laundry and picking up stuff. The living room is getting kind of junky with stuff the cats have knocked over and the kitchen has a sink of dirty dishes. I also need to do a total behind the furniture search for ping pong balls. The boys are out and I need to offer them distraction. I'm really getting tired of constant Stickie. However, I am the only one. Biggie is still in love.


I started a pair of socks yesterday with some new thoughts on how to make them better. So I'll be working on those and sock knitting. I started a pair last night with some of the yarn I bought yesterday. So... household odds and ends and then sock knitting, actually.

Oh and more turkey dinner reviews. Last night I had a complete rerun of Thanksgiving. This time I baked the mashed potatoes and stuffing. And heated the turkey and beans in the microwave. It was all just amazingly perfectly wonderfully delicious. So. So far. My $60 has made 2 complete dinners, 2 large turkey sandwiches. And I'd say there was at least that much left if not more. So good.

But, the butter turkey is still intact and may be forever. She sits on the top shelf of my fridge and greats me with a smile every time I open the door. I'm not sure I'm ready to give that up. I did take her out for closer inspection. Fine. Just fine.

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