Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

This wallet is official closed

Some of it planned. Some of it required. A whole lot of it just frivolous, unplanned. But I'm now shutting down the spending machine.

I shopped small and local this morning at the yarn shop in West Seattle. Turns out the new owner have really changed not much at all. It's still fairly unfriendly and unwelcoming. But, I bought stuff. And now I will not feel guilty for not shopping there much if at all.

Then I came home and had a sandwich and went down to the fabric shop a block from here. They sincerely do appreciate my business. And let me know in many different ways. When I walked in the owner asked me what I was up to today and I told her 'Shopping Small!' I picked up some fabric and a little yarn kit.

I also paid my home owners dues for next year. $7,500. They are up only a small bit from last year and still, per square foot, less than most condos in town. Our board drives me nuts but they do good business management for sure. Now I don't have to worry about it again til this time next year.

So that's it. No more spending. For at least a while. There's nothing I need. Well, maybe a robotic arm to wave Stickie for Biggie. He will NOT let it rest. Now we're playing fetch. He brings it to me and I throw it across the room and he brings it back.


The Smalls is sitting this one out.

Biggie's shaved hair has grown back nicely. Almost back all the way.

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