Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Stickie ... RIP

This happened.


The stick part is in the bedroom.

I'm thinking we should have a proper service. Maybe put up a plaque.

I do have, of course, Stickie clones. I think there's one in the closet that is the exact color even of the original. Maybe now he'll accept one of them. Poor Biggie.

Meanwhile I had the most delicious sleep. I was woken up at 4:30 by the boys. I got up and fed them and then went back to bed. When they finished, they hopped up on the bed and curled up next to me for another wonderful two hours.

Now The Smalls is curled up next to me and Biggie is draped across my arms. I don't ever want to move which is ok because I'm not sure I could anyway.

I do have a few places I want to go today but not for a while, so it's cool.
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