Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I suspected... but now I know for sure

I like the basic Thanksgiving turkey dinner. A lot. Turns out I love love love a cold turkey sandwich. Turkey, dressing, cranberry jelly, mayo... heaven. That was dinner tonight and maybe for the next bunch of nights!

Frank and I did end up going to the new deli for lunch. The company was great. And lunch was fine and we don't have to go back - except I might to get some of their cucumber salad which was wonderful but they did not have enough for me to get takeout.

The rest of the day was spent entertaining the cats, watching TV and knitting.

I plan to do more of the same this evening but first... I need to walk back Biggie's latest project Hide The Ball Of Yarn...


But first... I just saw this on Twitter. It's old - June 2018 - but I love it. Hate the music but love the video.

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