Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The hooligans woke up about 2:30 this morning and never really fully went back to sleep, at least at the same time. One would snuggle in and then the other would start batting at him until he was awake again and they would go tearing through the house. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Now they have had a big breakfast and are still at it.


I had no reason to be at the gym at 5. I could go any time today and am pretty much guaranteed to not hit any traffic but, since, thanks to him and him, I was awake anyway, I went anyway. It was not crowded. My friend, Matt, was there for a swim because he's on his way out of town this morning. It was just the two of us. And nice.

I was out of breakfast burritos at home so I stopped at Mcdonald's on the way home which was a nice treat for me and for the boys - see photo above. They are now taking turns crawling in the bag which is slowly getting shredded.

It's cold cold cold here this morning. 61 degrees here in the living room. I have turned my little ceramic heater on for the first time this winter. It works fast. And, of course, the hooligans are all over it. Literally.


Today I have a little sewing I want to do. ljtourist and I plan to check out the new Jewish deli but that may be tomorrow or even Sunday. So I might not go out at all today.

Tomorrow is Small Business Saturday so I'll go buy something as is my tradition. Last year, I blew a wad at the fabric shop up the street. I think this year, I might go to the yarn shop in West Seattle. They have recently changed hands and also have some pop up shops this weekend. But, that's not until tomorrow.

I've already maybe, hopefully, have done all my Black Friday shopping. I bought another $20 Wyze cam. The fancy swim goggles that give you swim stats as you swim, almost got me. Well, it did get me with a $20 off BUT as soon as I hit 'buy', I came to my senses and sent them a cancel order request. Turns out all your stats get stuck in their app - no exporting or data and/or sharing with FitBit so no thank you. Plus, I do not need $170 goggles!

I do need to get dressed.
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