Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I'm declaring the experiment a success

That turkey breast was a 46 DDD or bigger. I kept slicing and slicing and slicing. The bone turned out to be tiny. There is turkey for days. And it's really juicy.

The only real loser was the cranberry sauce. It had some flavor to it that was yuck. But I really love the old Ocean Spray cranberry jelly from the can and I have some on hand (always) so cool.

The gravy wasn't spectacular but I'm not a huge gravy person anyway. So no biggie.

Everything else was fabulous. The beans were done perfectly. The stuffing was flavorful and good. The mashed potatoes were also done very well.

I saved the butter turkey. I'm not sure for what. But, I just couldn't bring myself to cut it.

I dished up the stuffing/potatoes/turkey/beans and nuked them all together under some plastic wrap. Then I nuked the gravy and then the roll. The food came with elaborate heating instructions which I tossed. My way was way better.


It was delicious. And I have probably 6 full dinners with even more for sandwiches left over. Oh and I was too full for pie. Everything will freeze if I get tired of it before it's gone.

I totally declare this experiment a success and a holiday tradition. I may well do it again for Christmas.
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