Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Fixed by a quiche

If a lap swimmer stops at the edge of the pool, it's ok to talk to them.Ask a question, whatever. Do not. Seriously, don't stop a lap swimmer who is clearly not stopping on their own to ask a stupid question. If the building is on fire, then, ok to stop them. Otherwise no.

I do hope that idiot woman who stopped me to ask if the water aerobics class would be held today reads this journal. She really pissed me off. Do I fucking look like I have the gym calendar in front of me??????

And then on to the grocery store where a gynormous truck pulled in taking up a parking space and a half (marked compact) and making it very difficult for me to open my door. Then the grocery store pissed me off big time. But I got my dinner - not in an easy to carry bag or two but in a giant box that was a bitch to wrestle. I also picked up a little individual quiche loraine for breakfast.

Came home, got it all inside, heated up the quiche and some coffee and fed the cats.

Turns out the quiche was DELICIOUS. Really really good. Turned my tude right around.

Plus, these guys help with all attitudinal issues.


The box of dinner is still on the counter. I need to open it and see what's there. No other plans except eating it.
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