Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


From now until January is the time of year that I learn to re-treasure my life of solitude. I have a very small family - basically 1 wonderful brother who understands me and shares a lot of my feelings.

My Live Journal feed, my Twitter feed, my Instagram feed and even some of the subreddits I follow are chock full of complaining about family drama, tips on how to deal with family drama, bemoaning how horrible family drama is ruining the holidays.

I have lots of a lot of things but exactly zero family drama. And I'm so very thankful for that.

I found two more - hopefully the last - tops that don't have pockets. Now there are none. Everything has pockets. yeah! Otherwise,the cats and I had a lovely, quiet day.

The chicken noodle soup that I found in the freezer turned out to be amazingly delicious. I'm not a soup person but this stuff could turn me. Sadly, since I'm not a soup person, it's been in the freezer for ever and I don't know for sure where it came from. I think it might be Costco. I bought one of their giant tubs once and parceled it out and froze it. But, I've had most of it and I would think I would remember if it was this good. Oh well. According to my freezer list there's one more serving in there. Yum.

Tomorrow is a sleep in day. I wonder if the cats will cooperate...

Sewing with the cats is fun. They each take a machine so that no matter what I'm trying to do, they are in the way. Cooooooooperation!

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