Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

obliviously entitled

That's these cats. Everything belongs to them and is theirs to do with as they please. They can go anywhere and do anything their hearts desire. They answer to no one. Which is good because while each has a name and a nick name, I'm fairly sure that neither is aware of any nomenclature at all except maybe NO! to which they say HA!

Today's less is FEET OFF THE TABLE. FEET OFF THE KEYBOARD. They aren't yet to the concept grasping stage.

They do get Stickie. I'm not smart enough to effectively tie their love of Stickie into any meaningful reward system or punishment system for that matter.

In other news, the new bathroom trash basket has solved the knock-over-spread-trash situation quite nicely.

Swimming this morning was great. I've added 100 yards to my daily swim. I used to swim 2000 yards every day and then it went to 1800 and then to 1400. I think 1500 is a better number so that's what we're doing these days. It still takes me forever but, hey, I got time.

Another day here with nothing planned. And no todo's on the list. It's rather lovely. I think I'll take a lunch time walk and either get a burger or go to the new-ish noodle place. They are on opposite ends of the same block so I can head out, check the crowds and make a last minute choice. My Fitbit will be happy.

Otherwise, I'll be crocheting on my blanket. It's really done but I keep making it bigger because it's nice and warm in my lap.

Oh, Biggie just brought me Stickie again. Who's training who here?

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