Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Some days are just nothing days

I have pretty much just pissed away this whole day and I'm perfectly fine with that. I spent some quality time with the Harmony hub and remote and then packed up all the hardware and added it to the Goodwill bag. I'm done with that crap.

My new toothbrush arrived. It is a toothbrush/waterpik combo and a little freaky. I love the small bathroom footprint but the toothbrush that squirts water is a little tricky to get used to. But my teeth are very clean after numerous brushes today.

I did a million things online - set up reminders and checked on payments and all kinds of stuff from Long Term Care insurance to my website hosting bill. I put on new nail wraps. I really haven't gotten off my butt. On the one hand, shame on me. On the other hand, hey, I swam 1,500 yards this morning so I could sit on my ass all day if I want.

I think I'm going to make a very large massively stuffed baked potato for dinner.

The cats had made the decision to buy a pleather chair and footstool kind of a stupid one. They have made the footstool into a pincushion with their claws. Sigh. At least making a cover for it won't be too fiddly. A pillow on the seat of the chair has, so far, kept it form a thousand pokes.

We very nearly had some weather today. At one point, this is what it looked like out mywindows.


But, then it cleared up to just regular clouds.

The cats are napping now but I've come to learn that really they are just recharging for the next onslaught of mayhem.

This is from earlier when I did not dish out food at a pace that suited them.

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