Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


the pool this morning was uhggy green. not horrible but not great either. even so, i had a great swim. i found a spotify playlist of 60's/70's music that just hit the spot. just before i was done, Cisco, the pool guy came in to do his thing. he said the green would be fixed by tomorrow. also the pool has been a bit warm for a couple of days and he said it was not my imagination. old people complained that it was too cold. he added 2 degrees. i allowed as how i was old and it was too hot. he laughed and said he'd subtract 1. i'm ok with that.

Yesterday, ljtourist pinged sure me with a coffee invite. It was a delightful surprise because I was pretty sure I would not get to see him til after Christmas. Turns out his Thanksgiving plans got changed and we might even try out the new Jewish deli this weekend. We had a great visit.

While I was gone my Amazon packages arrived. And the Bond hub set up was a breeze. Now Alexa can turn my old ceiling fan on and off. And turn the ceiling fan light on and off independently. Alas, it has zero ideas how to work the bed and it's even having trouble with the space heater but the ceiling fan is really good enough. That remote is dying and a replacement is $10 less than the Bond hub so I'm declaring victory.

I think I'll put the heater on a smart plug. I don't even use it that much so no biggie.

Not so much with the fucking Harmony hub. I tried,for an hour, yesterday to get that fucker set up and gave up. I may give it another shot today or I may just chuck it into the Goodwill bag.

TweedleDee and TweedleDum are full of energy this morning. They just had a battle over the cat tree followed by a race up and down the hall.

Earlier Biggie brought me Stickie. He used to drag it in here and drop it at my feet. Then he started pulling it up onto the couch and dropping it next to me. Yesterday, he kept dropping it into my lap. Today's he's getting really pushy.


And, look at that thing. It's a mess. He's also chewed both ends of the stick. One day it's just going to fall right apart with no hope of recovery.


I think I need to start looking for a kitty therapist.

Nothing big going on here today. Just routine stuff and kitty hyjinks.
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