Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Yet another Day Of Waiting

I ordered new goggles from Amazon. They were supposed to be delivered yesterday. They were not. They were supposed to be delivered before noon today. Now it says they will be here sometime between 1:45 and 5:45. I'm skeptical. I can use my old leaky ones or my black ones so it's not critical, it's just annoying. Oh and also with the googles is a new waste basket for the bathroom... one with a lid.

I'm also waiting on delivery of a Bond Bridge. It was also supposed to be here before noon and is now setfor sometime between 1:45 and 5:45. I've had my eye on this for a while but at $100, I just wasn't seeing it. Now Amazon has refurbs at $70 which is still too much but it's a give-it-a-try price.

I'm hoping to automate the ceiling fan/light in the bedroom, the porcelain heater in the living room and maybe... just maybe... the adjustable bed. But, of course, I really just want to play with the tech. I would love to say Alexa, Good Night and have it turn off the lamps (which is does now), turn off the ceiling fan light, turn on the fan, and then raise the head of the bed 10%. That would be cool.

The pool was sparsely populated this morning. Jacqueline was there and was fine. She didn't say anything negative or ridiculous. The front door person let us in 4 minutes early so the pool lights weren't on when we got there. I love it, myself. The lights under water are on and it's like being in a reverse disco. I thought for sure this would torque Jacqueline into a rant about pool maintenance but, her reaction was one of delight. And we were both disappointed when the overhead lights came on.

Then on to Trader Joe's. I had 3 things on my list and bought 3 things. And the lists matched the things perfectly. GO Me! Then home. Breakfast is et and the dishes are washed. I am totally caught up with me.

I might pull out my old Harmony remote and give it another try. Right now I use the Roku (TV) remote and the TiVo one. TiVo has gotten much more simple plus now I only have like 10 channels. I think I know where all the Harmony hardware is. Worth a shot. And it will keep me busy while I wait for Amazon to get its delivery shit together.

We're about to have another neighborhood kerfuffle. One of the owners in this building sent out an email this morning. They took an old industrial pier 2 blocks from here and turned it into a cruise ship pier where gynormous cruise ships will start landing next summer. She listed all the reasons why this is terrible and urged us all to join her NIMBY parade. I appreciate her info but can't quite get on the band wagon. She also included some update on the LID - Local Improvement District. (This is a new thing where the city of Seattle drew a square around the water front and declared it a LID and told us that we have to pay a special assessment to upgrade the water front for tourists. It was a whole big thing last year - we all said NFW and the city said we don't care you are going to pay. Looks like the bill will be bigger than they promised and come this time next year. I think my share is about $5K.) Apparently there are law suits. But it is expected that the city will win in the end and we will pay. While I don't agree with her, I sure do appreciate her efforts.

I think the cats may have had a falling out. The Smalls is on the bed in the sewing room and Biggie is here on the couch with me. I wonder who said what to whom. I'm sure they will make up soon. Or at least I hope so.

The dirty clothes hamper continues to delight and amuse. I gave up trying to prevent and switched from the black one to the white one so I could at least see them playing!

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