Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Cat hearing

I went to the yarn pop up shop and it was lovely and I bought... NOTHING! It was one of those spend a biscillion dollars for a project you really really want to do and nicely or... spend zero. I haven't got a new project that warrants new yarn so I got away cleanly. I was proud.

I did my other errands and did park and then walk to both. Again, proud.

I had been a little worried about The Smalls. He seemed not on top of his game. He was in the same spot when I got home that he had been in when I left and was not waiting with Biggie for me at the door.

But, he perked up and soon I was trying to convince him to go take a nap. He's fine.

The two of them went back to their sewing room nap spot and I ate lunch. They were still there when I decided to pour out some new kibble into the bowl I use to grab Biggie's tiny pile from. I was oh so careful to not make a sound when I opened the cabinet door, or when I took out the jar or undid the lid. I poured some into my hand first and then carefully, without a sound, into the bowl.

Guess who came running from the sewing room??!!! Mr. Atomic Ears aka Biggie. We all should have that kind of hearing.

Now I'm watching some Acorn TV and they are back snuggled together in the corner of the sewing room nook. All is calm.
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