Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The cats were up and ready to go at the normal weekday hour. I got up and feed them and they let me sleep another 2 hours. It was lovely.

I need eggs and whipped cream. I can get them both at Grocery Outlet which is on the way home from the yarn pop up store. A moment of sanity grabbed me last time they popped up. But, I'm afraid that's not going to happen today. I'm going to check out their stuff. Doesn't mean I have to buy any...

Then Grocery Outlet. Then back home. Or maybe a walk down to Cash and Carry (at the other end of the block). I need some paper trays that they carry. And I need steps.

A woman on the FitBit subreddit, the other day, posted a link to a watch face she created - her first one. Turns out she had ordered a new watch but it hadn't arrived yet so she was amusing herself by learning how to make watch faces. I got it, installed and and fell in love. She asked for feedback and I told her the only thing I'd change was adding day/date. Minutes later, she added a link to the new version.

In the morning, when I wake up, it looks like it's broken. Then as I do steps, it gets limbs and then leaves and then flowers and then ... a bluebird!!!

So now I have to gather steps to get to the bird... I'm truly the epitome of a fitness tracker whore.

Now it's time to get dressed, get the breakfast dishes washed and start working towards my bird.

Oh, and check out The Tree That I Hate!! I can finally see the neighbors. And so can Biggie who's enjoying a rare perch on the first floor of his tree. I do need to encourage those folks there on the left to raise those blinds!

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