Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Laundry. Hair trim. That's it. That's my agenda for today. My Fitbit would be happy to go somewhere - anywhere - but me... not so much.

However, I might consider a walk over to Uwajimaya. Maybe. It's chilly inside here but that's just because I don't currently have on enough clothes. I can fix that.

No pool drama today. It wasn't crowded either. Maybe we can get back to normal - 3 or fewer of us every day - with the holidays.

I have Black Friday-itis. I decided on two things to buy this year. When they dropped price, I bought both. Already. I'm done. And, yet, I keep buying shit. Small-ish stuff.

The cats have discovered the joy of knocking over the bathroom trash. Even when empty. But, for sure, I can't put anything in it any more. So I ordered a new one with a lid. My swim goggles are getting uggy. I ordered new. I got a couple of different kinds of watch bands for my Fitbit. ETC.

I need to lose access to Amazon before they make me their favorite customer. I did discover today that they have new same day delivery options. On a search results window you can pick 'delivery today' or 'delivery today before 1 pm' or 'delivery today before 10 pm'. I need 'no delivery for you - you don't need it'.

I have now shopped and internet rabbit holed for way too long. I need to get up and get dressed and do something ... anything other than sit here.

This was my lap earlier... I had a queue.

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