Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Obsessed with Biggie and The Smalls?? Don't be silly.

My condo is long. There's the door to the hallway - the front door. And then the sewing room and then the half bath and then my bedroom and then the kitchen and then the living room so maybe 100-120 feet total from the living room to the sewing room.

Now they are using the sewing room as a getaway/nap location. When they aren't here in the living room with me, they are back there with Alf and James the teddy bear. But, do I want to get off my giant ass to go look? Heck no. It might endanger the giantness of said ass!

So I moved a webcam to check for me.


Then Biggie decided to check on me so he found me and then decided while The Smalls was busy, he could get some good one on one time with The Stickie so he brought it to me.


He drags it up here and then drops it and goes right to the floor in front of me - ready for the Games To Begin.

I wore him out so he went back to the sewing room to nap/groom with The Smalls.


Yeah, not obsessed at all.
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