Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

pool drama, cat food, just another day in the life of me

Well, turns out... 80% of yesterday's pool drama was totally confined to the head of Jacqueline. Which I kind of suspected. Today, the pool was all fine and normal. The usual swimmers were there and all was fine. Towards the end of my swim, Donna came in. Donna is a pool jogger. She jogs/runs up and down the lanes with a lot of high energy for an hour. I cannot do that for 1 whole lap but anyway... Donna was there yesterday.

Apparently, the elderly Asian woman's accident occurred on the steps leading to the pool deck - a good 15 feet from the water. And Cisco, the pool guy happened to be there. All was fine and cleaned up quickly. Cisco has very high standards. Donna is one of those relentlessly nice and kind people who, in her retelling of the tale, referred to Jacqueline as That Crazy Bitch several times. Their earlier encounters had happened in the later mornings after I left so I didn't know that Jacqueline has been causing problems in the gym for quite some time. Geesh.

She was not around this morning. Thank goodness.

The vote is in. Wellness cat food. Not shreds and pate only as a last resort. If I open a can of any other Wellness, they start licking it before I can get it out of the can. Yesterday I tried to slip in a can of Tiki Cat. They gave it a good shot but no. Today I tried a can of B.F.F. and it got an immediate N.F.W. I gave it about 10 minutes and got all kinds of attitude. I opened a can of Wellness morsels and all was forgiven immediately. To back to the cat food store today. Returning the unused failures and buying some more Wellness. Sadly, the cat food store does not carry the favored brand in big cans. Amazon does. Oh well, at least I'm in Seattle where Amazon is buying local. I do think I'll ask the cat food store if they can maybe special order the bigger cans...

Also today I need to take the hand held vacuum down to the car. The cat carrier is wonderful but it tracks the shit in. Now that (I sure hope) we're done with vet visits for a while, I'm going to suck up the detritus.

Then drop some returns off at the Amazon package place and maybe even remember to stop and get the gas I forgot to get yesterday.

It's quite nippy today. The little indoor thermometer says it's 64 in this room. I would turn on the electric lap robe and throw it over my shoulders but Biggie is sleeping on it. Oh well. Time to get dressed anyway.

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