Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

If we thought she was mad before...

I just called the gym. The pool is open now. The pool will be open in the morning. Please, please, please do not tell Jacqueline. She will burst something internal, I am sure.

I got my errands run and the house is so clean. Clean house, deeds done, pool not closed, how much gooder could it get??? read on.

I think I have my watch set up so that I can flash my wrist at the gym instead of pulling out my phone. And I have a nice little calculator on it now. And an app for figuring tips.

And I bought it an insurance policy. $16 for two years. No deductible, lost, damaged, etc. with great reviews. Hope I never have to use it.

The cats are missing. It's been way too quiet so I got up to go look.

"Be quiet and take a handle, please." That was what my parents would edict when we were unruly in the car. What it meant was get as close to the door as you could and put as much room in the middle as possible. (When there were two of us in the back seat and seat belts were years away yet.)

I think someone told Biggie and The Smalls to take a handle. This is back in the sewing room.


I did make it to the food truck. Fail. They took way too long and the only place to wait was a sunless wind tunnel and the sandwich had some kind of hot spicy sauce on it that killed all the other tastes. I wish hot spicy was not the default on so many foods nowadays.

The FedEx guy came to pick up a package just now and both cats got up to say hi. And then went right back to their individual corners. Where they have now been for more than an hour.

Oh and one more cat thing. I added a litter box to the one already here shortly after these two took up residence. The only place to really put another one (without adding more litter box covering furniture) was in my bathroom. It's fine. It's an enter-from-the-top box so you don't have to see the cat shit. But you still have to smell it. Tidy Cats makes a couple of different scents in their light weight line. I tried one of them and turns out the cats don't mind at all (which was a concern) and the bathroom smells way better. Tidy Cats for the win.

Ok. Now I think I'll knit and watch the last British Bake Off episode. Christmas edition.
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