Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

You aren't concerned??? You don't care????

A few weeks ago, I met a woman at the pool. Jacqueline. She's a talker. Originally, she sounded like she might be starting a little lap swim group that might be fun. Also she was annoyed, like me, about the Saturday morning class taking over our swim time. I gave her my card with my contact info.

Over time, I figured out that mainly she just like to bitch about the pool. The Saturday morning people pissed her off (like they did me) and she wanted to tell me that - over and over and over again.

Then this morning - about 9 - I get an email from her saying that she had talked to LA Fitness in California and they were going to call Frank to make him follow protocol and so the pool won't be open until further notice.

WTF??????? Which is what I replied, nicely.

Soon she called, long (and, believe me, it was really really long) story short, a really old woman - a sweet Asian woman who has got to be 90 and comes in alone every day to use the hot tub and pool - had diarrhea and got it all over the pool deck and cleaned it up as best she could.

But, Jacqueline thought the pool should be closed, the city health department notified, Frank (at the front desk) fired and 42 more other things I lost track of. She had, indeed, called LA Fitness in California because Frank told her he would need to check with management before he did anything. ("Frank hates me because I tell him the truth.")

So... my bottom line is to be sure and call tonight to get a pool status report. Maybe I should call this morning and give Frank some sympathy.

At one point Jacqueline said "You don't sound like you care!" I explained that I did care and I really appreciated knowing that the pool might be closed but that I was confident the gym would handle it appropriately. Then she got all fractious and I'm not sure I pulled her back off the ledge. I'm not sure I care.

To me, it's like eating at restaurants. I have zero clue what happens to my food in the kitchen. The entire staff could be spitting right into my delicious dinner. I would never know. The pool could easily be infected with something horrible and look fine. At some point, I think you just have to trust. I trust. Jacqueline clearly does not. Yikes.
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