Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Gettin' colder

Here in Seattle, in winter, when it's wet, it's warm and when it's dry it's cold. We're heading into a dry spell. Just for a couple of days. It's hard to dress for because if the sun is out full blast, the cold kind of goes away but if the sun goes behind a cloud, it's really really cold. Of course, most days, that's not a problem for me. I'm inside and near my wardrobe. I can put on or take off as the temp demands. But today I'll be out and about while the house cleaner cleans. So... what to wear, what to wear.

I always stop by Goodwill because it's handy and almost always I have a bag or more of donations and Wednesdays are senior discount days. Their linens section often has fun sheets that make cheap sewing fabric and often they have actual fun fabrics. Plus today I have a short list of other stuff to look for.

Also today there's a new food truck down this way that I want to check out. I'm ok on groceries but I could use a gas stop. If she's still working when all that is done, I can park somewhere and read my book.

The cats are in full hooligan mode. They got up at 3 and demanded that I follow suit. I did not but they were relentless in their efforts. This morning, Biggie has been all over me demanding attention and now The Smalls is sitting on my arm and making typing a bit of a challenge.

I'm perfectly fine turning them over to the house cleaner today.

I've decided to keep the Fitbit watch. There are things I'd like it to do better but generally I like it enough to keep it and I really like that Fitbit talks to everything else. I like my data where I like my data. I want my scale to talk to my fitness tracker and I want all of the info in a spreadsheet. Fitbit makes this happen. So it stays.

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