Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

And so it begins...

Just rode the elevator down, took a box to the recycling, and rode the elevator back up. Two trips, two different people (I don't know either one), same convo...

Them: So, you ready for the holidays?
Me: Oh yeah, I'm good.

Between now and December 25, I expect to have this same conversation every time I get in the elevator and am not alone. Maybe I'll even have it when I am.

My plans for the holidays is not to have plans. I don't decorate. I don't cook. I sometimes go out to eat and sometimes I don't. On Thanksgiving, I go swim. The gym is closed on Christmas Day and New Years Day.

I enjoy the simple. I had wonderful holidays growing up. I actually don't even have any bad holiday memories. I'm not ignoring a horrid history. I just like simple.

So... Am I ready? You betcha.

I've had a lovely day. I spent way too long with my new watch. Learning new things, trying new things. I'm still not wedded to it but I may be getting close.

My tooth quit hurting yesterday about the time I finished the entry bitching about it. I'm sure it will start up again but I'm hoping it will be after I die.

The cats are ready for dinner. I went to the kitchen to get some water about 20 minutes ago and they lined up on the counter ready. Sorry. Not yet. The Smalls decided to wait on the couch but Biggie's exploring. Up and down and all around.

Another action shot.

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