Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The price to pay

Sunday night's sleep was magnificent. Last night, not so much. I had trouble falling/staying asleep and the cats had an entirely different agenda.I'm not even sure what all they got in to but at the least, the bathroom trash was turned over and the contents distributed around the house.

No big deal, really. A good swim washed away the cooties. The Smalls is sacked out here next to me and Biggie is on my lap purring so loudly, I think the neighbors might complain.

And speaking of neighbors, hard surface flooring has mine all riled up. This building was a railroad warehouse built in 1909. In 1991, two women developed it into condos and I moved in. Each condo had wall to wall carpeting. After about a decade, hard surface flooring started to become all the rage. The condo rules have guidelines for converting from carpet to hard surface. And, as more have converted, those guidelines got more stringent. The condo bylaws say, at a minimum, that owners of units on the 3rd, 4th and 5th floors must have the permission of the owners below them.

Cut to 2017-ish. People moved in who wanted hard surface floors and ran into owners under them who said NFW. This building is not built for hard surface floors. A walk across the room of hard surface flooring upstairs can sound like elephant herding.

So over the course of a couple of years the board put together some new rules and standards and tests and guidelines that eliminated the permission thing. And tried to get the bylaws amended. They failed. The bylaws say that a mere 20% of the population can require the board to try again. So someone got that 20% and the board called a meeting last night to discuss.

I do not want my floors or the floors above me not to be carpeted but mostly I do not want to go near the debate. But many many feel differently. I peeked in on the lobby web cam last night and ohmygod do we have a lot of people who feel strongly about this. And they loudly and inarticulately conveyed that their wishes need to be heeded. NOW!!! It was ugly.

And... speaking of... There's a company who makes a lovely very thin phone case that I've always wanted. I finally decided to get one for my Pixel 4. They are $30. (I usually spend about $7 for a phone case.) I ordered one. The website said they would ship in early November. They happily charged my card. And started sending me emails about their great cases. Finally I got a shipping notice. Turns out they use the slowest possible shipping service - DHL to USPS - and it's coming from Florida. So I will see my case next week sometime. Just now they made the mistake of sending me a poll/form asking me if I would recommend them and why or why not. They got my candid opinion as to why not. With some helpful suggestions. It was very satisfying.

Still wavering on the Fitbit watch situation. I'm finding more things to like.

Today will be sewing and I'm not sure what all else. Both my sewing machines could use a good cleaning. Maybe that might be a good little task. Tomorrow is the house cleaner day but here's nothing that needs to be readied for that.

For now I just need to get off my ass and give this watch something to track.

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