Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Tooth or Consequences

My tooth is not having a good day. Not a horrible day. But it's kind of whining. I know I should call the dentist and make an appointment. If it hurts long enough for me to bitch about it here, it's long enough that it's time to go get it fixed. And I could probably get an appointment tomorrow or the next day.

But, then it would mean that I would have to actually go to the dentist. And likely anything she wants to do will involve lots of money and multiple visits. It hurts but not bad enough yet. I am so stupid about all things dental. It's just ridiculous.

xina_gee posted a picture of these wrap things for refrigerator handles. NO MORE fingerprints or sticky spots! Genius. So I went to Amazon where they have a basicillion but none that I liked well enough but they also had measurements so I just made some. And also made one for the microwave.


I used up the last of the velcro strips I had on hand and I needed yellow thread for another project so I went up the street to the fabric store and got both. I also cleaned all the windows on my car. I'm anxious to get it out in the rain so I can see if this stuff really works.

The cats have been busy all day knocking shit over. They are resting now so they will have enough energy to knock more shit over. But who can even be annoyed at these two angels.


They seem to be settling into the food changes and not be so frantic about it all. Biggie still wants his tiny (like a dozen) pile of kibble but he's perfectly happy with that many and The Smalls leaves him to it. We're cruising at 3 pouches each a day. If we can stabilize there, I'll move us to 5.5 cans which will be easier to deal with - as in not so many of them.

I'm watching The Devil Next Door on Netflix. It's really kind of fascinating. I'll be finishing my current audiobook tonight and think I'll start on the new John Grisham. Gotta keep the old lady entertained!

Oh and speaking on entertained... Jeopardy announced a new tournament starting January 7. James Holzhauer, Brad Ritter and Ken Jennings in a round robin style contest. Jeopardy has been getting stale to me but this has me locked in tight. Oh and I just realized that my brother gets here on the 7th. Well, that just got added to the agenda for sure. It will be fun to have someone to watch it with.
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