Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

obsessing ridiculously and too frivolous to even make 1st world prob list.

In a rush to get to my lap first, the cats sent my coffee mug flying

The good news:

-There was about a half inch of coffee left.
-I don't ever put stuff - milk, sugar - in my coffee.
-They knocked it over onto the ottoman instead of the keyboard.
-The fabric is microfiber - cleanable.


The obsession is over the watch/tracker business. I read last night that contrary to the version before it and the more expensive tracker, the one I got does not give you a lap count you can see as you swim. You have to get out and sync with your phone to find out how many laps. That's just ridiculous. So I decided to send it back. And get the more expensive one - the Iconic. Which is not as expensive because I found a reconditioned one. It arrives on Wednesday.

But the one I have - Versa 2 - sure is pretty and feels good on my wrist and has a lot of good things going for it. So today, while I'm swimming, I was thinking so why do I care how many laps? It gives me the elapsed time which I can see clearly and easily while I swim. My swims do not vary that much. And, so what if they do? It's not like I'm training for something. What does it matter? Not one bit. Adding the laps is a software fix so it could be added later on.

And then I discovered that Amazon has its holiday return window already set so now, instead of the usual 30 days, to return an item, I have until February 1. So... no hurry to even decide. I can wait until after the operating system upgrade on Dec. 3.

So decision on hold. This is not the end of this ridiculous obsession.

I had the best sleep last night. I feel asleep instantly snuggled by kitties. I woke up once, peed, checked to make sure the cats were still there and they were, and then went right back to sleep until time to get up for the pool. I had the impression that the cats had done the same except... I found Stickie in bed with us. Stickie was in the living room when I went to bed. And... I found the tiny red circle key that is needed to start the treadmill on the floor. It had been tied to the treadmill. Could not have been easy to get and yet... So apparently they were busy.

The Smalls had his last pill this morning. Done and dusted as they say. And Biggie's hair is growing in nicely. Yeah!

No big plans for today... or tomorrow, actually. I got some stuff recommended by the windshield guy so I want to clean my car windows and try it out. I have some sewing I could do. I need some yellow thread so I might just walk up to the fabric store when it opens. This and that and more of this and that. The retiree life.
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