Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Laaaazy Sunday

Biggie and I actually slept for an hour and a half this afternoon. No clue what The Smalls was up to.

Then I watched TV and the cats chased each other and begged for more food. Here's The Smalls actually standing next to her [ooops HIS] food bowl staring at me...


I've kept track of their food and feeding today. I give them a half a pouch each, each time and today there have been 6 times. They should have between 2-4 pouches a day. Tomorrow I might try giving them each a full pouch and doing it only 3 times a day. With a night time snack. We'll see.

My new watch arrived and I'm delighted. Plus, in poking around looking for tips, I discovered that they are planning a software update on December 3 that will do all the things that I wish it would do. So win! I'm very interested in how it swims. We'll find out tomorrow.
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