Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The waiting game...

I got an alert last night that the price on Fitbit I wanted had just dropped $50. On Amazon. I figured I would have to wait until Friday when it went on sale at Costco. I'd much rather buy it on Amazon anyway so I hit the button and was rewarded with a Delivery on Sunday!

So today I'll be waiting. It's a 3 part process. First they ship. Then it's Out For Delivery. And then it's Arriving. We're solidly into the second phase. The flip to the third phase is kind of silent. There's no need to even start watching until you get to it's Arriving. Alexa goes off with a beep and then the website/app shows a map of where your package is and how many stops it has til it gets to you.

It's kind of sad how intimate I am with the Amazon delivery system.

I had a nice swim this morning. Trader Joe's is just across one street from the gym and Whole Foods (the new one I have not been in) is across the other street from the gym so I figured I'd pick up a few things on one of the other but while I was swimming I tried to conjure up a list and then thought. No. I have a freezer full of food. I do not need more.

So I came home, made breakfast, checked Amazon shipping and here we are.

The Smalls is resting on the couch and Biggie's on Neighbor Watch.


All is good now. After I clean up the kitchen, I'll probably just do some knitting, TV watching and browser refreshing.
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