Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Hidden shit

Everyone has a Christmas story like this, I'm sure. Opening all the presents under the tree... Santa gives Daddy a pair of gloves. More presents opened... And, again, Santa gives Daddy a pair of gloves.

Mom was forever hiding shit from herself and then not being able to find it. The first gloves, apparently, she hid under the tree.

I have inherited this skill. I got a big bag of cat food from Amazon a few weeks ago. The stash I keep in the kitchen was not yet depleted. So I put the new bag of food someplace ... I just wish I knew where the fuck that was.

I gathered all of the old cat food. The cheap grocery store stuff and put it into my rolling basket to carry down to the car. And now I cannot find that bag of food. The good place that gathers food for the vet clinic for homeless people with pets is not convenient. I only want to make one trip. I do not want to come home from that one trip and find that bag of kibble.

Clearly there are too many places now to stash shit in this house. It's not really a small bag. Grrrrrrr.

hahahaha - I totally forgot to hit Post.

Shortly after writing the above, I went back to the sewing room to move the laundry into the dryer and there... on the ironing board was the missing cat food!!

Apparently I stashed it away in my mind only.

So I just went ahead and loaded it all into the car and hit the road. Turns out, at least on a Saturday, the place is not nearly as hard to get to as I thought. They were delighted at the donation which always makes me feel like it was worth the effort.

There's a Michaels across the street so why not. It was the perfect Michaels visit. I saw everything and found nothing I couldn't live without so bought nothing. And there's a new store next door called HomeGoods. I went in there and found even less than I wanted than in Michaels so win win.

And home again.

The laundry is dry and piled on the bed still warm. So... guess where the cats are?
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