Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Biggie and The Smalls - Phase II

Everything I read says that a wet food diet is healthier for cats. I wonder why they even make/sell dry food. Except maybe it's cheaper and easier to deal with. I've never had cats on a wet food only diet before and it's very interesting.

Like all my cats before, these two scarfed down the kibble and ate at the wet. I'd generally serve them up a spoonful or two and they rarely finished it. (Zoey never did. She'd like the gravy off and leave the rest.)

When I removed the kibble, they continued nibbling at but not finishing the wet. For about a day and a half. And then they started eating more. And more. And now they hoover through whatever wet stuff I put out there until they get to the bottom of the dish.

Also the kibble stayed out all day and got refilled as soon as the supply got low-ish. Wet food is an on-demand business. Google says 3 ounces 3 to 4 times a day. I split a can or pouch between the two of them every time so that turns into 6 to 8 times a day. That is probably not a good habit to build up. I should probably stick to breakfast/lunch/dinner maybe snack. I need to think on this.

But, first I need to go back to the cat food store. I could hold off until tomorrow but I think I'll go ahead and get it done. They clearly LOVE all things Wellness and the brand has a huge variety of flavors and textures and delivery vessels. So Wellness it is. No further testing needed there.

We had a lovely snuggly sleep and now they have gone back to bed to get more. Oh I forgot to give The Smalls his pill last night. He still has 3 days worth to go.

In other news... USPS says I have a package coming today from Ohio and I'm clueless what it could be. What did I order that I forgot about? Happily Saturday deliveries are generally early so I won't have to wait too long to find out.

I might make a wallet today. I got some very cool stuff called prewashed paper fabric. And I've got some ideas. I love carrying a very small bag or no bag. I have a very small amount of stuff that needs a wallet and I want to make one to exactly fit the stuff I carry. Tiny and efficient. And I still have the second Mariner t-shirt cut out and ready to sew.

I also need to send an email to the windshield replacement people. I want to find out if they used some kind of magic coating on my windshield that I can use for the rest of the windows. We had massive rain twice now when I've had my car out with wipers blazing. But, when it dried, instead of streaks of wiper residue, my windshield is spotless. The other windows are spot full and I want to make them match the front one. I want to know the trick.

But first, I want to get dressed. And brush my teeth. And give The Smalls his pill. ETC.

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