Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

And the good news is... we had to go back to the vet's today!

yep. Biggie's leukemia test was negative!! A nurse or technician called from the vet's office to tell me. She said to bring him in for another test in 2 months and maybe we'd vaccinate then???? This time, I pushed back. WTF? I asked a lot of questions and she said she needed to talk to the doctor.

She came back and had a new tune. Biggie could get the vaccination now and test again in 3 months. I still do not get the constant retesting but I had the answer I wanted so I thanked her and hung up.

Then I stuffed the guys into the carrier and headed out. But this time we went to the new office - the one south of here. It's 3 times farther and takes about half the time to get there. Plus way easier parking and it's around the corner from Popeye's and the Dollar Store.

AND, since it's only recently opened, no waiting! It's clean and bright and now my new go to vet's office for sure.

The vet was amazing. She not only had met cats, she had had two with leukemia herself! One lived 6 years and one lived 7 years. "Just enjoy them and don't waste the time worrying."

OKDOKEY!! Plus, at $27, it was by far the cheapest vet visit yet. We go back in 3 weeks for the booster shot.

So YEAH!!!!!

Oh and the food. I got an even bigger selection/variety of options this time. And got some pouches (which are so much easier to deal with than cans). When I got home, they wanted more food (after the giant breakfast they already ate) so I started with the pouch. Hoover. Scarf. Every morsel gone. Not a drop or drip left.

We may have a food winner!

So, year, for the time really, I feel like we may have a nice kitty future here.

We're HOME!!!

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