Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Prime Real Estate

There are 1,300 and change square feet in this condo. And, yet, turns out, the best square feet for pro kitty wrestling are those of my double bed. At 3 am. It was all on this morning. For an hour. Finally, about 4, they settled down and, of course, 4:30 is when I had to get up. Sigh.

Now they are scarfing down their 3rd breakfast. They are, all of a sudden, massive chow hounds. Every time I get near the kitchen they both hop up ready for food. I feed them and they eat every single bite totally ignoring the Picky Eaters Handbook that they were slaves to last week.

Still no word from the vet on Biggie's leukemia test.

So last night I baked up some of that mac and cheese from Costco. Er ah ick! The stuff is gritty. Not even close to delicious. It's on a one way trip to the dumpster. Lesson learned. The bulgoghi, on the other hand was perfect.

Today I need to go back to the cat food store and get some more trials. While they are in this hoover up all the food mode, I'd like to find something that they like and that is easy on me. The two kinds I got last time are so dense that they are a bitch to get out of the can. So I'll get some new and then decide on which one to go with and go back Sunday when I'm over there anyway and stock up. (The cat food place is near the pool.)

Also in that part of town is the vet where I could get Biggie's leukemia vaccine if his test is negative. So here's how it will go down today... I'll drive over there and get the food and while I'm there, the vet will call with the good news and I'll have to come home, load up the cats and go right back. Fair trade for the right test result, tho.

We lost a lot of leaves off The Tree That I Hate last night. One more good wind/rain storm will clean it off, I think. Biggie is transfixed. He's been staring out the window from atop the chair and the tree and then the chair and then the tree all morning. The Smalls is in a post breakfast food coma.

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