Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

This and that and waiting for the phone to ring

My TiVo had a stroke that I discovered last night. The data that it uses for knowing what to record was FUBAR. Happily there's a vibrant community of TiVo-ites and I was able to post about it last night and some kind dude posted the fix this morning. Ran the routine and all is right again. Ahhhhhh.

Meanwhile last night... in the middle of the night I was awakened by a kitty on one side of me and a kitty on the other side of me fighting over The Stickie which was on top of me. I hurled the Stickie and the cats followed. Then, later on, I woke up to find two kitties on my pillow with my head. My pillow is NOT that big. When I finally turned the lights on this morning, I found what else they had been up to.

Those wash cloths had been neatly folded, stored in that blue box up on the shoe rack. Sigh.


This morning they are fighting over/playing with a letter size sheet of brown wrapping paper. Never a dull...

I suspect I will hear from the vet today. I'm not sure I want to.

My car's new windshield is fabulous. Also the guy who runs the company I went with and the tech who did the work... also fabulous. I hope I don't have to use them again but glad to know. I did write up nice reviews.

First up today is to finish up yesterday's larder work. The stuff I froze needs to be wrapped up and the freezer reorganized.

And then there is a general sweep/pick up of stuff the cats have distributed around the house. The aim is to get it all picked up and thrown or put away before they do it all again. Also I think I need a bit of a hair cut.

So really no huge action today but little bits and bobs of things to keep life good.

There's a woman who swims in the mornings usually about 3 days a week. She's probably in her early 60's. And she's just pissed. At the world and everything in it. We maybe exchange 2 sentences at the most and they are always things she's mad about. And she's always in a huge rush. She's just about knocked me over a couple of times in her hurry to get from the locker room to the pool. Today it was "this gym is just going to hell. the pool is never open." Turns out they actually did close it Tuesday due to the heater problem.

I feel so sorry for her that she's so miserable all the time. It must be so awful to live that way. Granted I do have the dream life but I think there must be a middle ground that is attitudinally steered. One that would be easier for her and those who come in contact with her. Sad really.
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