Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Dodging the Deals

I want a Waterpik Fusion toothbrush/water flosser and a Fitbit Versa 2. The latter will go on sale a week from Friday for $150 ($50 off) at several places but, it could go lower. The Fusion is $140 now but not listed in any of the sales yet.

So I signed up to follow several different 'deal' twitter feeds and it turns out to be making me kind of nuts. On the one hand, there's a lot of shit I do not want no matter what the price but, and, there's a lot of shit I do not need or want and don't need to be tempted by.

I think it might be time to clean up the feed. I'm afraid now that I'll end up spending way more than I save and spending it on SIDN* (*Shit I Don't Need).

What I do need is cat food and steak and bacon and gum. The first will be a stop at the pet food store where I need advice and some small cans to try. They are finally getting into the prescription stuff after turning their noses up at it at first. Tomorrow I start weening them off of it, but, I think it's time to get them on some healthy food rather than the junk food I've been feeding them. Especially if The Smalls is going to have intestinal issues. I, of course, have a boat load of the junk food on hand so I'll be padding that in along the way.

The steak, bacon and gum are Costco items. I might or might not get there. So far this morning, I keep falling into internet rabbit holes. One this morning was a very hand Costco add-on site for ehealth where, finally, all the data is presented in an easy way to evaluate. When I first hit medicare, the insurance alternatives (medigap and other options) were a massive nightmare to figure out. I had the help of my doctor's clinic but it was really a mystery, the whole thing.

And the drug part was worse. Finally, today, for the first time, I was able to put my drugs in and get a print out of exactly what they will cost me month by month. Amazing. The cost is still too high - I have one inhaler that must be gold encrusted - but way better to know ahead of time! For the past three years I have submitted prescriptions for filling without having any idea what the cost would be. no more.

My swim this morning was excellent. The pool was totally sans ice chips. And it was not crowded which was nice.

The cats are good. Both of them. Finally.They are fighting and playing and eating and pooping and not throwing up and that's in the middle of the night. I wonder how long they will be kittens in cat bodies. Stickie lost another feather today. Poor Stickie.

The windshield fix it man comes this afternoon. I think I'll go get dressed.

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