Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

No... the painters do not need your help

So, we went to the vets. They absolutely like going together way better than going apart. So... from now on. They started whining we we got close to getting back home but I think it's because one of them peed in the carrier. Thankfully, it's all washable.

So we got Biggie tested - the quickie snap test - and he failed just like last time. So now they are sending his blood off for the other, more conclusive (and more expensive) test. 3 to 5 days.

While we were there, we could hear a woman just wailing. Her pet was being euthanized. So incredibly sad.

Also while we were there, we sat net to the tiniest dog I'd ever seen. He could not have weighed a full pound. His owner said he was a senior. He was just adorable. He was also well behaved until this one gynormous bull dog came out and the little guy just barked up a storm. It was hilarious.

Then we got home. They are painting the doors to our units today. When I left, they said they would be done with my door before I got back. That didn't happen so for 40 minutes I had to distract the buggers from checking out the most exciting thing ever! The Smalls finally did get out and all the painter guys helped me chase him down and finally finished up my door so I could close it. Now the two of them are just running up and down the hallway - I think they are hoping the painters come back.

Neither one of them seems at all uncomfortable or feeling poorly. Thank goodness.

I was starving for lunch and remembered I had tart shells in the freezer. Now I have a quiche in the oven that already smells delicious.

This is the aftermath of coming home and then trying to keep them distracted...


If Biggie's test turns out negative - meaning he for sure does not have leukemia, then he'll go back for a vaccination. Otherwise, we maybe done with vet for a while, I so hope - and so does my wallet.

I suspect there will be some heavy cat napping this afternoon.
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