Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

What is it with these cats????

One has cancer and the other has a death wish and What Are They Doing Now is making me nuts.

Last night Biggie threw up twice - pieces of foam!! So I tore up the bedroom closet and found the remains of a foam noodle way back in a corner I could only get to with my reach/pinch tool. It is now in the garbage but there are still flakes of foam back there so I have now blocked it off from even cat entry.

And, judging from his behavior last night and this morning, he is fine. At 3 am, he decided that he no longer liked the curtains in the bedroom so spent a while trying to rip them down. Just now, he hopped up onto the top of the cabinet to have a go at the plant up there.

He is not happy about the food situation so maybe that's why he's gone into kamikaze mode.

Meanwhile, The Smalls has been a little complicit with his shenanigans but is still a little subdued. I don't think he's all that jazzed by the food sitch either.

These two came home with me on July 3rd and took over my life. I sure did not expect that and, actually, I'm fine with it.

I did miss not having my swim today. But while others (ah hem siglinde99) take joy from swimming in ice, I do not. I like it colder rather than hotter but my limit of cold is 80 degrees (26.6 C - maybe it's not as cold in siglinde99 centigrade). I will call tonight as ask about the heater fix before I decide about tomorrow's swim.

Today it's back to the vet's. But no plans after that.

That's The Smalls on top.

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