Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Confused Cats

Biggie wants to know why I got out the pill pockets and then didn't give him one. (I actually did - just empty.) The Smalls had zero interest. I mean zero. In pill pockets. Fortunately, the pills he needs are small and cut in half so I just shoved one down and it only took two tries and he was not happy.

Both of them want to know WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH THE FOOD SITUATION?????

Generally, they have anytime graze kibble. I dish out wet food (pate) several times a day.

Now the kibble is in the cupboard and all they get this wet food that is chunks plus gravy. They actually don't hate the new food but they clearly would like to have their kibble back.

3 days. And then I can gradually get them back on their regular food. But, I only got special food for one cat for 3 days. I have two cats...

I did get a sample of The Smalls' poop. Yeah!

Turns out they are painting my front door tomorrow and so the door needs to be left open. The only room I can shut the door and confine anyone is the bathroom. I hate to steal The Smalls buddy and lock him in the bathroom so I'll just take both of them with me to the vet tomorrow.

I don't think The Smalls feels great. But he's eating and moving around so hopefully he'll feel better soon.


Oh, and.... this afternoon, I went through the house to make sure there were no sewing pins anywhere that Biggie could get to. Then, when done, I went to put his blanket back on the bed. His blanket is a small fleece lap robe that he likes. I had pulled it off this morning thinking I'd toss it in the carrier for The Smalls. I didn't. When I put it back on, I smoothed it out and found THREE pins in it. The three of us have been sleeping with straight pins for godknowshow long. Geesh. I think I've got them all now. Hopefully.
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