Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Home again home again

The vets office was busy! But it's always such a nice place and really we didn't have to wait that long. Initially, the vet said that I misunderstood the retesting situation. Then she read the history and said that that I was given misleading info. Either way, The Smalls is not going to not have feline leukemia. He's got it - plain and simple.

And this bout of intestinal distress did not concern her much at all. I have pills and special food and The Smalls got a shot which pretty much pissed him off. (It's the same one Biggie's gotten twice. It stings, apparently, and is right out of the fridge so also cold.)

No kibble for xx days? Just this special food that is ok for both of them and, happily, they both seem to like it a lot. The Smalls, especially, likes it which is really good since the vet wants him to have 3 cans a day.

Biggie was enormously excited to have us home. The Smalls pouted for about an hour. Now they are wrestling on the kitchen counter.

The vet also said that Biggie needs to come back and be retested to ensure The Smalls hasn't passed the virus on to him. And, if he's still leukemia free, then he gets a vaccine.

I think the vet's office just plain fucked up. Two months ago, when Biggie tested negative they should have given him the vaccine then. But, whatever. It is what it is now and we go forward. So it's Biggie's turn tomorrow. And I need to somehow get a poop sample from The Smalls to take with me.

In other late breaking news, I finally have the crack windshield repair sorted. I never heard from either the guy who parks next to me or heard back from Sherri who parks across the aisle. So last night I wrote up a generic plea and printed it out and planed to leave it on the windshield of one car after another - there are about 3 other good candidates.

But, then, this morning, I got a lovely email from David who parks next to me. He said I was welcome to use the space any week day between 9-5. And he was really nice about it. So I called the low bidder and we're set for Wednesday afternoon. Actually, I got his voice mail but didn't leave a message and he called me. I appreciate that initiative. So all is set.

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