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Susan Dennis


The heater at the pool is broken. I thought it was a bit colder on Friday. Turns out I was right and it was way colder today. The first lap was horrible. Hard to get enough breath to swim. The rest was great. I swam faster than I normally do by a long shot and enjoyed it a lot. But tomorrow it will be colder and I will not enjoy that. I swam a few hundred extra yards today to make up for tomorrow. And maybe Wednesday.

Cisco, the pool guy, came in this morning when I did and warned me. Otherwise, I would have been quite and unpleasantly surprised. No info at the front counter. Cisco said the part should come in tomorrow and they would fix it tomorrow night. On the way out, I said to the woman at the front desk (the regular guy wasn't there) that should might consider putting a sign up or otherwise warn swimmers. She said 'oh they are fixing it right now.' WTF?

I wish I'd given Cisco my number and asked him to pop me a text when it was fixed. Oh well. I'll call tomorrow night and ask and hope the woman who was there this morning is NOT the one who answers the phone.

As I got near my house coming home, there was a giant semi truck blocking the road with flashers on. There was not enough room for most cars to go around but I figured I could make it. I waited to see if he would move and when he did not, I started around. Of course then he moved. The motherfucker. As he made a wide, illegal right turn against the red light (illegal because it was from the center lane), I saw the side of the trailer - all black. In fancy red and white letters, it said Saved by the Blood of Jesus Christ.

Nice to get a good belly laugh in before dawn.

The Smalls continues to throw up once a day and eat like always and be cheery and peppy. And he's still going to the vet today. This morning. I think I'll leave Biggie here. He needs to finish chewing up the end of Stickie that I so carefully wrapped up with tape yesterday. He's done a fine job so far. Cats!

The soccer extravaganza yesterday was really cool. The usual 5 minute march to the stadium was about 25 minutes and it was amazing to watch. The street was just packed with people so excited to be there. I had a great view. Seattle won the game and it was really spectacular.

There's a big parade on Tuesday but it's from the center of town (about a mile north of here) to the Space Needle (another mile north of the center of town) so not anywhere near here. I'm sorry it won't be in front of my terrace!

Speaking of which, we lost some more leaves this weekend. And so now I can see that a couple of the apartments that I can look in to are empty. Hope they get tenants - with cool people to watch - soon.

The Smalls... he does not have a clue what's coming...


Biggie bringing me Stickie this morning. We had a rousing game - definitely NOT nursing home Stickie. The Smalls joined in. I need to get a nice video of a good Stickie session.

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