Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The excitement is building

I am not a soccer fan. I don't really get it. And standing for 90 minutes does not appeal to me. BUT I am a solid fan of soccer fans. Particularly Seattle Sounders fans. They are fun and enthusiastic and not drunk and stupid. They do not leave my neighborhood a mess and they seem to have such a wonderful time when they are here.

[edit: just found this great article that has way more detail about the Sounders fans and their rituals.]

There are two marches down the road that is just under my terrace. I've never quite understood why two but it makes it double the fun for me. There is a park a couple of blocks from here and they gather there and then march/chant from there to the stadium, right under my nose. Also the Sounders have their own band and they lead another march down the same path. It's always so festive and fun.

The Sounders have played in the finals more than a few times. They've also won. But they have never played in the finals in their home stadium. And Seattle's enjoying the moment. Even the baseball field (one block further south) is in on the action. They are serving bloody marys and brunch this morning along with watching the game.

The band was practicing out there this morning at 8:30. And the crowds started arriving about the same time. The game is at noon. I'm excited.

Sleeping under my ohsofluffy old comforter last night was heaven. I am so glad I did not donate it. I love this new purple sofa a lot but I think what I love even more is the easily accessible storage bin under it. It's got all blankets and pillows. The perfect place to keep them.

Last night I dreamed that I took Biggie and The Smalls on a road trip and lost them. It was not a fun dream.

I have two excellent books going on now. I'm listening to the latest Jack Reacher by Lee Child. This is the 24th book in the series and I'm hoping I will have forgotten enough of the plots that I can start re reading them all. They are unique in that each works as a stand alone - as long as you understand that Jack Reacher ain't going to get bumped off.

Also I'm just starting a fascinating book by Queen Elizabeth's dresser - The Other Side Of The Coin.

Ok, this is odd/cool... I just checked out the action on the street and there are more than a few folks wandering around in Toronto FC red jerseys with Seattle Sounders green and blue scarves.

Not content to mangle the business end of Sticky, Biggie has now chewed my end up!


I fixed it this morning with a lot of masking tape - both boys thought that I was playing Stickie instead of fixing it so took a bit longer than necessary. Now they are resting...


I think I'll get started today on my next Mariner t-shirt mash up shirt. It's going to be way easier than the first one.
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