Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

So far... so good

The Smalls shows absolutely zero signs of discomfort and/or illness. Quite the opposite. And my tooth feels fine. It ate breakfast without even a whimper.

We had a lovely sleep. The cats woke up at 3:25 like normal and I woke up at 4:30. But, once they got their morning wiggles out, we all snuggled in together and snoozed til 8. It was lovely. The two of them are still on the bed tangled in the covers.

It was cold last night and even my heavier home made quilt was not enough. When I got the purple couch, its under seat storage gave me room to store my winter quilt that I would have taken to Goodwill for lack to place to keep it. So I guess we'll swap out the home made one for the one that is warmer. Sigh. I'll miss seeing the patchwork.

So that means making pillow cases today. A couple. My current pillow cases are patchwork to match the quilts. No biggie, I have old sheets to make them from.

Because of the gynormous soccer game tomorrow, if I want to go anywhere in the car this weekend, I need to do it today. But, I can really think of nowhere I need to go. I have plenty of food in the house. I should go take a walk or at least get on the damn treadmill. I have not done too well making that a habit.

This is a rainy time of year for Seattle but not this year. Today is wet but it's the first wet day in weeks. It feels so nice and clean out. All the leaves left on The Tree That I Hate are now brown. One good wind and I could meet my neighbors across the street once again.

I asked the boys if they wanted to say Good Morning to LJ and I got a rather tepid response...

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