Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Friday afternoon curse

My tooth hurts. I've had little flashes of owie for the past couple of weeks - maybe one or two a day. Today, it's more sustained. Not horrible but it could and likely will turn horrible at one point and it's Friday afternoon. Of course.

I finally decided to call the dentist and see if I could get an appointment for Monday. I could always cancel ... I got as far as the dentist's website. They close at 3 on Friday. It was 4 pm. Oh well. (This is a tooth that has been a problem for years. This same dentist looked at it a few years ago and said maybe a cap but likely an implant. Both options required lots of cash and multiple visits - I can deal with the former way better than the latter but no thanks to both. Unless I have to. I took two Ibuprofen and it's better so maybe...

Meanwhile The Smalls was on my lap well really sitting on my arms with my and under his butt and all of a sudden I felt something wet. I moved him and found kind of clear mucus looking stuff with tiny blood spots coming out of his butt. Not a lot but enough to get on me, my crocheting and the tissue I used to wipe the rest. I've never seen anything like it before. No smell too it at all. And, after I wiped his butt, it stopped all together. He was and is totally unphased by it. At least the vet is open on weekends if we need it.
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