Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Ok so that's weird. Biggie is here on the couch with me and The Smalls is MIA. I went to look and he's napping in the sewing room with Alf and Teddy. Wonder if they had a tiff...

I finished the shirt! All t-shirts except the cowl which was pajama bottoms that they gave out last year.





I like it. I have one more to make - this next one will be short sleeved.

And just as I finished it, I got an email from my Mariner guy. My seat is moving over two. Since it was smack in the middle, any move is closer to the aisle. Turns out Julie and Erica aren't renewing this year. Doesn't surprise me. Julie's job took her to Belgium and I think she's not back here for another year. Erica stayed home with the dogs but they both do a lot of back and forth. The casino folks on the other side of me had 3 seats - enough for two winners and a designated driver. They wanted more so they bought two move and I move over. Good thing I was fine with it. My Mariner guy played it like he was doing me a favor. Which he kind of is so win win win. Also nice to have a heads up before the season starts.

I went to Costco and holy cats, dogs, and lizards, that place was packed to the gills. The parking lot was not only full but also full of Costco idiot parkers... oh you with a massive cart full? you look like your car is somewhere near here so I'll just block traffic until you get to the car, unpack all your shit and drive away.

I got gas and got the hell out of there. I'll go next Monday or Tuesday. Also, then I got home and saw that they will have the FitBit watch I want for $50 off Nov.21. So cool.

Instead of pizza, I stopped at McDonald's. I used to be the drive through queen but now, since they have those cool ordering kiosks. I find using them to be well worth the walk in. I also have the app that I forgot about and could have used. Got home and it turned out to be a delicious lunch.

The other day at Goodwill, I splurged and bought new dishes. The splurge was that I didn't need new dishes but they had these two stacks of Corelle dishes - 4 dinner plates and 4 salad/lunch plates - that are both square and dipped. I like a raised edge to my plates and I do like square. The pattern sucks but Corelle... And each stack was $3 so $6 for all with a 20% discount. Why the hell not. I put my other dishes (plain white Corelle with no dip/edge and round) in the closet. So far, I'm really enjoying these new dishes a lot in spite of the ugly pattern.. The old ones might just go back to Goodwill.

Now I need to go fold laundry and put it away and then it will probably be TV and crochet.
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