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Susan Dennis

So many random things on my brain

Several people, recently, have unfriended me on LiveJournal. I guess they've had enough cat photos or boring days of well off old white ladies with lovely lives. Or they are tired of me. A couple of them have friends only journals I will miss. Sigh...

BUT also, recently, at least 3 old LiveJournal friends have dipped their toe into coming back!! This is way cool. Very way cool. I do hope they decide to stay. It's such a treat to see their usernames in my feed again. This is exactly why, when I clean out my LJ friends list, I never remove someone just because they haven't posted in years. I love prodigals.

The last two sets of press on nail polish from the startup ( had not been good. At all. They look nice but lift up around the edges. So disappointing. BUT, I'm sold on the concept and tried some el cheapos from Amazon which worked fine. I love having nail polish on. I hate polishing. I hate sitting for a professional manicure. And regular polish chips off when your hands stay in water as much as mine do. Nail wraps - even the cheap stuff - doesn't care if I swim. And there are lots of different brands to try.

The Smalls thew up this morning. No clue why. He seemed pretty shocked by the situation. Biggie ran to his side. It was so sweet. He seems fine now. And went right back to get some more breakfast. I'd like him not to be sick. Which reminds me that next week they go back for yet another Leukemia test. It might be just The Smalls since Biggie was negative last time. I'll take them both and see what they say.

Project Find Space In The Garage is proceeding. Sherri, who parks across from me said she thinks she'll be out a week from today for a couple of hours. She's on vacation and will confirm when she gets back tomorrow. The crack seems to have stabilized and not grown bigger since yesterday so I still think we're in a 'no hurry' situation. I got one comment yesterday that my insurance should cover the cost. So clearly, I wasn't clear. My insurance is happy to cover the cost. My deductible is $500. The windshield, thankfully, will cost less than that. So I pay the insurance company or I pay the window fix it people. Same amount.

If Biggie is resting on the green blanket next to me and The Smalls is bugging me. I can gently pick him up and put him on the blanket and he'll nuzzle right into Biggie and stay there. If The Smalls is on the blanket and Biggie is bugging me, he will not stop until really ready. If I try to place him on the blanket, both of them will then come back and fight over my lap. Biggie's happy in my lap as long as I scratch behind his ears between every sentence. The Smalls needs to be in my arms, near my face. It's so interesting how tied they are to each other and how very different they are. But, still, I often need their collar colors to tell them apart on the fly.

Today will be laundry. And working on my Mariners shirt. If the cats allow, I might be able to finish it today. I need gas. I could use a slice of pizza. There may be a Costco run.

Oh and I think I figured out the mystery tunic pattern. I think it's a combo. The turtle neck of one pattern with the rest from another with the short sleeves lengthened to long. I am writing down all the details from here on out forever and ever amen.

Oh and the pool... me and one other woman this morning for the first 45 mins and then the guy who got squeezed out three times this week, came in. So Mondays and Fridays - virtually empty. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - packed. Also the manager was on duty this morning. He's the nicest, most ineffectual guy ever. Really. To you face, he could not be more friendly, accommodating, helpful. But, since he took over, the place has really tanked. The locker room is a hot mess. There's been the same bandaid on the floor of the shower stall I use for more than 2 weeks now. He showed up to open the doors at 5:03 am.

I did stop by after my swim and ask him about the Saturday morning aqua fit class. If they could start at 9:15/9:30 it would allow us who come at 8 to at least get a good swim in. But, since they start taking out the lane lines at 8:30, it's a problem. He listened carefully and asked some questions and said 'I don't do the scheduling' but let me look into it. I suggested he could use his influence and he smiled and said he would.

I am absolutely sure that it zipped right out of his pretty little head before the elevator doors taking me down to the garage had closed. But, at least he was very pleasant about it.

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