Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

And the beat goes on

I discovered when I got back to the car to take it to the windshield place, that the crack had more than doubled in size. The windshield guy said 'no way can we fix that'. So... replacement. Ugh. Safelite quoted $339 on their website and $389 in person. With a 2 hour wait in their not at all comfy waiting room with a blaring TV on.

On the way home I thought of ways I could avoid 2 hours in that waiting room... What if the repair guy could park next to my car in the garage? The guy who parks there rarely has his car there in the day time.

I sent him a not asking. Fingers crossed.

Meanwhile I went to Yelp to request quotes. The first one came back in under 10 mins. $299 +tax. So I think we have a winner. Now we just need to get real estate. I also have a note into a friend who parks nearby. Hoping...

My insurance has a $500 deductible so this will be a cash deal... just thinking of it as an early Christmas present. Bah humbug.

I have a favorite tunic that I made last year. I actually made two from the same pattern. And I took copious notes on the measurements with even a photo of one of the tunics. And nowhere, anywhere, did I make a note of which pattern and now I cannot find it. I'm driving myself nuts trying to figure out the mystery. I am now very good at making notes on everything I make but I wish I'd started sooner.

So yesterday was the day that The Vet Who Never Met A Cat told me I could take the collar off of Biggie and let him return to full activity. I don't suppose she'd be delighted to hear that today he very nearly ate/swallowed a fat string of fabric that was about 8 inches long. I pulled it out when he had about 3 inches left to go. OR that his new hobby is finding and playing with my sewing pins. I don't think leukemia is a big worry with him. He's not going to live that long.

Meanwhile, the two of them found a new place to nap today. They had only been on this bed briefly as part of their running through the house. But this afternoon, when I went back there (the sewing room) to make sure there were no more pins out, they were snuggled up under the watchful eye of James (the teddy bear with no eyes), and Alf.


Just got another quote for $239. And one for $400. So that's $160 diff between highest and lowest. That's actually fairly curious.
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