Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Dinged Dong

As I was coming home from the pool this morning a rock landed on my windshield and cracked it. Buggers. The damn thing materialized from nothing. Nothing above me. No vehicle close in front of me or on either side. Just bam.


I'm not sure if it's going to be just annoying or annoying and really expensive. Looks like replacing is going to expensive.

** Journal Interuptus **

Talked to my brother and he said to start with the fix it place and they will know about the insurance. The locally owned fix it places around here are all mobile. The garage here isn't comparable. Safelite has a store an easy drive from here. So I went to their website. Filled in a couple of things and they sent me to Geico where I filed a claim online and they suggested Safelite and set up the appointment. If the crack/ding is smaller than a dollar bill, it's a fix. And costs me nothing. I'm all over that. 1 pm today. Easy peasy.

My brother said that in Florida (where he used to live) auto glass repair/replace was required by law to be free to anyone and everyone. Wild.

So.... That's the drama du jour so far.

The pool continues to be crowded every day. 2 people in every lane. There's one guy who comes in every day at 5:30. For the past two days there has been no room for him. Today, there was one half lane open and he got in. Last Friday and Monday, I was the only swimmer for the first 30 minutes. Tuesday, Wednesday and today, it's been packed. I'm interested to see what tomorrow brings.

This morning I'll be working on my Mariners shirt. I probably won't have time to finish it before the windshield appointment but there's certainly no hurry.

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